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Wife left home with kids longs to mingle with adults

DEAR ABBY - My husband, Tom, and I have three kids: One is in college, the next is in grade school and the youngest is a baby. I'm a full-time medical student, and he's a professional athlete. From the outside, it would seem like we have a … more

Message left on voicemail upsets bulimia patient

DEAR ABBY - My psychi-atrist's office left a very sensitive voicemail about my bulimia on a message machine shared with other individuals. Our voicemails are sent transcribed to everyone's email accounts. Since my complaint (which was an argument … more

Longtime addiction remains a secret in woman's past

DEAR ABBY — I am a 53-year-old woman who has finally met a kind, decent man after many abusive relationships. I honor our bond and have been open about my past, which has been colorful, to … more

Couple celebrates 50th wedding anniversary

DEAR ABBY - When I was 16 and wanted to get married, my father suggested I write to Dear Abby (your mom was writing the column back then) and ask her opinion. He said he would agree with what she said. I did, and Abby wrote me back. We did get … more

Bride feels mom is using wedding to spotlight herself

DEAR ABBY - Once I announced my engagement, my already thin, fit mother went on a diet and lost 20 pounds. My weight has always been an issue with her, and I can't believe she would draw attention to it in this way. She called me a bridezilla … more

Dating starts to cause cracks in circle of three best friends

DEAR ABBY — I'm 18 and was best friends with "Sam" for two years until we started dating 10 months ago. It has been so much fun. He is the first person I have truly loved. When we first … more

Newlywed wife rejects idea of adding a second wife

DEAR ABBY - I have been married for seven months, and my husband wants a second wife, something I do not agree with. He says he likes helping people and has decided he wants a former lover to be a part of our marriage. Unfortunately, she is more … more

Father's habit of returning food is embarrassing

DEAR ABBY - I am in my 30s and moved out of my parents' home 10 years ago. Last week I decided to visit them, and we went out to eat. Dad has a habit of sending his food back to the kitchen - "My steak isn't cooked enough," or "My food is cold. … more

Job applicant is devastated when dream falls through

DEAR ABBY — I recently was rejected for a job that would have turned into a career. I put all my eggs in one basket, so to speak, and told everyone around me during the process that it was … more

Woman irked when co-worker mimics her style

DEAR ABBY - I've been trying to get healthy for years and recently lost a lot of weight. Every job I have, I work with grossly obese women. At my present job, one of them keeps coming to work dressed like me. It's happened before and I'm sick of it. … more

Mother, grandmother clash over where girl lives

DEAR ABBY - How old does a child have to be before she is able to choose a relative to live with? I'm the one my granddaughter wants to stay with. Her home life is in turmoil because of her parents' nasty divorce. Ever since her mother (my … more

Teen struggling to reconnect with alcoholic mom

DEAR ABBY - My mom is a recovering alcoholic. Her alcoholism has caused emotional distress and damaged our relationship to the point that I'm aloof and terse toward her. She's six months sober, receiving help and making an effort to repair the … more

29-year-old virgin fears she's waited too long for Mr. Right

DEAR ABBY — I'm a 29-year-old female and still a virgin. This decision is mostly based on my religious beliefs, but also because I haven't met the right guy. I have been struggling with … more

Man puts alcohol problem on display in front yard

DEAR ABBY - I'm a widowed senior who has been dating a very kind man, "Ben," for three years. He's retired; I am not. He does things for and with me, and we enjoy traveling together. The problem is, Ben usually starts drinking about 3 p.m. at the … more

Girl is tempted to choose a college close to home

DEAR ABBY — My daughter is graduating from high school and will be starting college. It was always her plan to go to a school away from our small town, and I supported that decision. … more

Serious video gamer gets no respect for her hobby

DEAR ABBY — I'm an avid video game player. My husband and I bond over playing games, reading and talking about them. In fact, in my spare time, I just earned a master's degree in video … more

Parents fail to keep promises to help ailing daughter

DEAR ABBY - I suffer from a debilitating, rare, chronic illness. Two years ago, my parents convinced me to move across the country to live with them in a city I've never lived in. They promised it would be "only for a year," they'd pay the cost of … more

Words fail woman in response to sister-in-law's loss

DEAR ABBY - My sister-in-law, a mother of four, just had a miscarriage at five months. I have no idea what to say to her or my nieces and nephews. "Sorry" doesn't seem to suffice. Her 6-year-old was ecstatic about the new baby. The family is … more

Should relative continue to pay for niece's insurance?

DEAR ABBY - My 25-year-old niece still lives at home. She works full time and attends college online. She's a hard worker who doesn't do drugs or engage in risky behavior. I pay her a bonus for every A she earns, and I also pay for her health … more

Bride's 2nd wedding plans complicate shower etiquette

DEAR ABBY — My younger sister is planning a destination wedding this summer. Recently she had a courthouse wedding for health insurance purposes because she's going back to school … more
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