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Woman wants fiance to halt 'boys club' culture

DEAR ABBY - My fiance is in a group chat with a dozen of his friends. They are all professional men in their 30s with families. They regularly send each other pornographic images. This includes the group "icon," which appears to be a solicited … more

Timing is everything in family feud over leaving the table

DEAR ABBY — My wife and I have a disagreement about when a person should be allowed to get up from the table. We have an 8-month-old son whom we both want to grow up to have good manners. … more

Daughter tired of indulging mom's proselytizing friend

DEAR ABBY — There's this woman I've known since I was a child. She's a Jehovah's Witness I'll call Beatrice. She comes by my house every so often to share pamphlets and talk about her … more

Married couple clashes over wife's right to privacy

DEAR ABBY - My husband and I have been married 25 years. I was 19 and he was 28. Among a number of things we disagree about, there's the notion that he feels I should have zero privacy. If he finds out I locked the bathroom door or the bedroom door … more

School's homecoming rules put teen in awkward position

DEAR ABBY — Homecoming is next month, and we are not allowed to take outside dates. My girlfriend goes to a different school and doesn't want me taking anyone else. My school is very small … more

Man afraid to be alone starts affairs with married women

DEAR ABBY — My son has taken it upon himself to get romantically involved with two different married women. He's newly divorced after a long marriage and hates the idea of being alone. He … more

Old friend seeks encouraging words for mother of a criminal

DEAR ABBY — What do you say when a friend's son has committed a horrific crime? Does one say, "I'm sorry" or "Call me," or merely pat them on the shoulder and move on? Or, what? I know she … more

Girlfriend's young kids are challenge for veteran dad

DEAR ABBY - I'm 41 with two adult kids and my youngest, who is almost 15. For the last eight months I have been dating a woman with two kids - one is nearly 10 and the other is 4. We have a lot in common. We get along great, and I really like … more

Teen, stepdad square off over video game purchase

DEAR ABBY - I have two sons, 14 and 10. I just got married a year ago. My husband, "Kurt," has taken on the father role and does pretty well, although I think he sometimes goes a little overboard. He and my oldest son, "Elijah," worked on a roof … more

Policeman upset by mom using him to scare child

DEAR ABBY - The media give us stories of racial conflict and the shooting of police officers almost daily, and every reporter and news anchor proposes solutions. As a Hispanic police officer in a small city, I have an observation. I was having … more

Photo of naked stepsister is not a laughing matter

DEAR ABBY - I don't like my stepsister, and when she stays with us, I'm forced to share a room with her. The last time she was here I got so mad at her I pretended to send a text message on my cell and secretly took a picture of her as she got out … more

Accountant refuses payment for settling friend's estate

DEAR ABBY — For the past 2 1/2 years, my deceased father's friend and accountant has been working on winding up his estate. The bulk of the estate has been disbursed, and it should be … more

Mom's rude behavior has eroded daughter's trust

DEAR ABBY - My mother did something very disrespectful. She picked up my former boyfriend and took him to her house, saying she needed help with her curtains or something. He said when she came back in the room, she just had on a slip, like she was … more

Girlfriend wonders when it's time to mention her implants

DEAR ABBY — I have been in a relationship with a very special man who is five years younger. We met on an online dating site and have been seeing each other for several years. We are well … more

Friends add to woman's grief by not checking on her

DEAR ABBY - I'm a retired woman living in a condo complex that houses mostly seniors. During the eight years I have lived here, I've always participated in several monthly social events, and have served on the condo association board. I know most of … more

Man feels uneasy about rough talk in the bedroom

DEAR ABBY - My wife and I have been married 25 years and have three adult children who no longer live with us. We are religious and belong to a conservative church. We have a satisfying sex life. About 15 years ago we started using graphic … more

One-way friendship ends, but feelings of guilt remain

DEAR ABBY - My "friend" from childhood, "Camille," has never had my back. I have done the heavy lifting in our friendship our whole lives. While I was on vacation two years ago, she was diagnosed with cancer. I came home immediately and drove to … more

Planned baby name renews pain of loss for family

DEAR ABBY - I come from a small, close family. Last year, we suffered a devastating loss. My cousin and her two children were killed in a car accident. We have all been profoundly affected by this loss, especially my aunt and uncle. Fast forward: … more

Man uses wife's work problems against her at home

DEAR ABBY - My husband tends to fight dirty, and I don't know how much more I can take. If we argue about some issue between us, he'll say something along the lines of, "This is why you have so much trouble with your colleagues at work." He knows … more

After remarriage, widow cuts contact with her stepfamily

DEAR ABBY — Our father died nine months after his diagnosis with cancer. Within six months of his funeral, our stepmother of 20-plus years had begun a new relationship. She sold her and … more
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