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Teen's tenuous relationship with dad gets uncomfortable

DEAR ABBY — My dad has never really been in the picture. He just pops back in and out whenever he wishes and leaves when things get too hard. He has never had a job or a home since he … more

Man's devotion to his mom spoils wife's travel plans

DEAR ABBY — I have been married to my husband for 38 years. We both had long professional careers and saved diligently for our retirement. Our children are on their own and doing well with … more

Jealousy, misunderstanding destroying relationship

DEAR ABBY - My boyfriend and I love each other very much. But we're both so jealous we fight every day. The only time we get along is during sex and right after. Recently, he found an email I had written when we first got together in reply to a … more

Jealous girlfriend threatens sibling's relationship

DEAR ABBY - My brother and his girlfriend live together. One day I heard his ex-girlfriend had passed away suddenly, so I told him because I thought he should know. Well! His girlfriend messaged me and told me to mind my own business and stay away … more

Loss of job puts end to man's affair with co-worker

DEAR ABBY - Back in 2013, a co-worker, "Jamie," and I fell in love. Both of us were married to other people, but everything felt perfect. It was a feeling I never had for anyone in my life before. Three years later, I lost my job. The day I was … more

Man's social insecurities prolong his loneliness

DEAR ABBY - When I was a teenager, there were many times when I made things awkward. It continues today. I try to have normal conversations with people, but when I do, I have nothing to say. My mind goes blank, so I keep quiet and walk away. I feel … more

Unemployed son complains he is overworked at home

DEAR ABBY — I am an unemployed (and looking) 24-year-old male who is the oldest of four. My three sisters are a 20-year-old who has a part-time job and goes to college, a 14-year-old and a … more

Man won't budge on having surgery to quiet snoring

DEAR ABBY - My husband and I are happily married, but have one serious problem. Our sleeping habits are incompatible. I'm an extremely light sleeper; he's a horrendous snorer. He sees a snoring specialist and tried several medical treatments, … more

Visits with parents bring tears to daughter's eyes

DEAR ABBY - My parents live a simple life, enjoying their days as retirees. They invite me to join them for special occasions at their house (my childhood home) and although the house is organized and tidy, I become ill when I spend more than a few … more

Boy's treatment of animals causes family alarm

DEAR ABBY - My 3-year-old grandson hurts animals. He's intelligent and articulate. He understands many concepts about all kinds of things. Frankly, I'm scared. It's because he is so intelligent and high-functioning. I feel he should have more … more

Baby in day care plays favorites among the staff

DEAR ABBY - I am a child care provider working with infants. Two of us work in the nursery and share responsibilities. One baby has become extremely attached to me, to the point that I can't take a break or go to lunch without him screaming until … more

Mom's wild stories cause her grandchildren distress

DEAR ABBY - My mother insists on telling my three youngest children that my husband is not their father. The oldest girl is the spitting image of him, and she's upset about it. Mom also calls me terrible names. She keeps saying it will add years to … more

Mom wants to shield kids from relative's new lifestyle

DEAR ABBY - A close relative has started working in the adult industry. She now dresses provocatively, showing lots of skin. She has also covered much of her body with tattoos and adopted the lifestyle of someone in that field. Our family assumes … more

Long-married couple considers 'swinger' lifestyle

DEAR ABBY - My wife and I have been married for years. We married young, and I'm the only man she's been with. Although we seem to have a good sex life, she's now saying she wants more. She wants to experiment and is suggesting we try a "swinging" … more

Guilty dad now puts once-estranged daughter first

DEAR ABBY - My older sister, "Lily," is in a biracial marriage and has a son. Our dad never approved. He gave her an ultimatum when she first met "Rodney": Choose between him or our family. She chose Rodney. After 30 years of Dad not speaking to … more

Family is divided by predator in their midst

DEAR ABBY - A number of years ago, it came out that my brother-in-law had raped and molested his two daughters and two granddaughters. It tore our family apart. Although my sister said she intended to divorce him, she never did. She also didn't … more

Mom worries nonstop as daughter leaves for school

DEAR ABBY - I'm the proud mom of a wonderful 21-year-old daughter whom I find myself worrying about more and more lately. She just graduated from our local college and is heading to medical school in another state six hours away. Rationally, I … more

Boyfriend picks weekend partying over being home

DEAR ABBY - I have been dating my boyfriend just over a year. We live and work together, which I enjoy. He, on the other hand, expressed from day one that all he asks for out of our relationship is "space." I'm fine with that, but now it seems he … more
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