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Whole family's safety put at risk by domestic violence

DEAR ABBY - I grew up watching my mom being abused by her husband. It was terrible. Unfortunately, he eventually murdered her. She was only 36. I was 16 at the time and although it has taken almost 30 years, I have finally found peace. My message … more

Off-and-on relationship may be off after confession

DEAR ABBY - My boyfriend, "Al," and I have been together for two years off and on. We dated casually for six months before we decided to be exclusive. Unbeknownst to him, I was also sleeping with someone else, "Brandon." Al and I had a fight and … more

Wife of man with Parkinson's wants to date others

DEAR ABBY - I'm a 72-year-old married woman. My husband has atypical Parkinson's and can no longer talk or walk. I exercise six days a week, but I need someone to talk to, to share life with. I tell my husband what I do each day, but of course, … more

Son throws tantrum after wedding gift is cut in half

DEAR ABBY - I was working out of town in a position that paid a good salary. When my adult son proposed to his girlfriend, I told him I'd try and give him $10,000 for the wedding. Well, things changed. I had to return home for good, and my salary … more

Love is lost in marriage after years of spousal rape

DEAR ABBY - I have been married 14 years and have two children. The first three years of marriage were great. We both cared for and respected each other. As our children grew older and our jobs have become more demanding, my husband has changed … more

Young man longs to get away from family strife

DEAR ABBY - I'm an 18-year-old guy who's having troubles regarding my family. My parents are divorced, and I moved out of my mom's house after I graduated. After the divorce, I flipped back and forth between living with either Mom or Dad. I moved … more

Couple's chilly marriage is subzero following election

DEAR ABBY - I'm at a loss as to how to stay in my 21-year marriage. In August, when our twin daughters leave for college, my wife and I will become empty nesters. We haven't had sex in more than 2 1/2 years and before that it didn't happen more than … more

Flirtatious co-worker dials back after his ex returns

DEAR ABBY — I have a crush on a guy I work with. I'm 19, and he's 26. He has a kid, which actually doesn't bother me. I love kids and have taken care of them most of my life. My problem is … more

Crush on mother-in-law's new husband stirs tension

DEAR ABBY - My son and his wife have been together 10 years. They met and fell in love young. They are only 25 and have two beautiful children. I remarried three years ago and my son's wife was instantly attracted to my 54-year-old husband. It's … more

Wife loses weight after husband's threat of divorce

DEAR ABBY - I have been married for 18 years and have two wonderful kids, ages 14 and 12. Ten months ago, my husband said to me, "I told you I would divorce you if you ever got fat." I was shocked! Yes, I have gained some weight over the years, but … more

Friendship marred by man's ill treatment of his wife

DEAR ABBY - I have a good male friend whose company I have enjoyed very much. He's outgoing and likes many of the same activities I do. Should I ever need anything, I know he would be there for me. Unfortunately, this same person is very … more

Patience, pocketbook are worn thin by grandkids

DEAR ABBY - I recently moved back home to help take care of my mom. We get along well but there's one major issue. She has to care for my brother's four kids every day and is pretty much raising them. Because they are loud, whiny, rude and … more

Wife loses desire for physical intimacy with husband

DEAR ABBY - I'm not attracted to my husband. I love him and don't want to live without him, but I do not want to be physically intimate with him. I know it is unfair to him, and I have tried everything from antidepressants to meditation to diet, but … more

Single mom puts effort into socializing with couples

DEAR ABBY - I have an answer for a question from "Excluded in the East" you printed on Sept. 24: "Why do married couples exclude single people?" As a single mom with three children for 15 years, I made the conscious decision to conduct myself as … more

Man left wife high and dry, now begs for 2nd chance

DEAR ABBY — I was divorced for 10 years, and am now remarried. Four months after we said "I do," my first husband left me (on Valentine's Day!) without a word. It was out of character for … more

Eighth-grader issues warning after friend shares nude photo

DEAR ABBY — I'm writing to you about an experience I had that might be useful to girls my age and older. I'm in eighth grade and I'm friends with more boys than girls. Because I'm a … more
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