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Best friend's loyalty shifting in middle school drama

DEAR ABBY - I'm in middle school. "Jill" has been my best friend for 11 years. She has always been shy, while I am outgoing. Recently, she has been hanging out with the class "ho," "Kelly," and I'm being more and more left out. Kelly is turning Jill … more

Man doesn't move out after saying he wants divorce

DEAR ABBY - My husband and I have been married for 20 years. We've had our share of ups and downs, but always managed to work our way through them. Last year, he decided he no longer wanted to be married, saying the last 20 years "were not all that … more

Friend's goth fashion would stand out at formal wedding

DEAR ABBY — A month and a half ago, my boyfriend of five years proposed. We are happy and excited. Most of the wedding party are my friends from college, who are like a family to me. They … more

House cleaner tries her hand at interior design

DEAR ABBY - I am wondering if anyone else has ever asked about this. I have had the same cleaning woman for three years. She does an excellent job and works hard. I got her the last six or seven of her clients. However, she has made little changes … more

Happily employed millennial worries about resume

DEAR ABBY - I'm a millennial, and it seems these days people stay at jobs for only a few years before moving on. That's been my experience in the past, but now I'm in a position that's fulfilling and where I am creatively satisfied. All my … more

Man believes wife's close friend is in love with her

DEAR ABBY - My wife, "Grace," and I have been happily married for 48 years. We're retired and enjoy an active sex life. Grace has a female friend, "Ricky," we have known more than 45 years. She's a close friend, and they often get together for … more

Teen, stepdad square off over video game purchase

DEAR ABBY - I have two sons, 14 and 10. I just got married a year ago. My husband, "Kurt," has taken on the father role and does pretty well, although I think he sometimes goes a little overboard. He and my oldest son, "Elijah," worked on a roof … more

Need continues for self-help support for families in crisis

DEAR ABBY — It's been several years since you have mentioned Because I Love You (B.I.L.Y.) as a resource for parents in crisis. What is happening to our groups — as well as similar … more

Girlfriend is convinced that partner's parents dislike her

DEAR ABBY — Recently something has come up in my life that has pushed the shaky relationship between my girlfriend, "Linnay," and my parents to the front burner. She insists they do not … more

Grown child keeps visits with ex-stepfather a secret

DEAR ABBY - When I was in my first year of college, my mother divorced my stepdad. "Charlie" was part of my life for 12 years, but since their divorce, she insists I have no contact with him. Charlie visits the state where I now live several times a … more

Mother's feelings go beyond empty-nest syndrome

DEAR ABBY - I am suffering from a depression I think many mothers experience when they become empty nesters. Although my husband is supportive, I miss my 18-year-old so much that sometimes I'm tempted to drive to his college in Florida. My husband … more

Wife anxious over husband's online friendships

DEAR ABBY - My husband has an extensive sexual history. He's had sex with more than 80 partners. All the encounters were when he was in high school and in his early 20s. Most were one-night stands with female friends. When we met, he was honest, … more

Boyfriend picks weekend partying over being home

DEAR ABBY - I have been dating my boyfriend just over a year. We live and work together, which I enjoy. He, on the other hand, expressed from day one that all he asks for out of our relationship is "space." I'm fine with that, but now it seems he … more

Military husband returns home only to ship out with his mom

DEAR ABBY — My husband, "John," recently returned from his fourth Middle East tour after having been gone for a year. As soon as he got back, his mother invited him and his two sisters on … more

Unemployed son complains he is overworked at home

DEAR ABBY — I am an unemployed (and looking) 24-year-old male who is the oldest of four. My three sisters are a 20-year-old who has a part-time job and goes to college, a 14-year-old and a … more

Tattoo with ex-wife's name bothers girlfriend

DEAR ABBY - My boyfriend is divorced. His ex's name is tattooed on his arm. Although I don't like it, I realize that it was long ago and before I came into the picture. As we have grown closer over the last two years, I'm often tempted to ask him … more

'Perfect' man vanishes when alcohol loosens his lips

DEAR ABBY - I have been dating the most amazing man for the past 11 months. As we approach the one-year anniversary of the day we met, this "perfect" man is showing some not-so-perfect traits. I was unlucky in love for many years until he swept me … more

Man learns he may have a son he never knew about

DEAR ABBY - I have been married for 27 years and have three wonderful kids. The youngest is 16. I recently found out I may have another son from a relationship prior to my marriage. The woman never notified me or asked for child support. I found … more

Woman wonders why she stays in joyless marriage

DEAR ABBY - I have been married for 30 years. Although my husband and I are both positive people, we have not had a happy marriage. He leads the life of a bachelor, including sex with other women and unilateral decision-making. He's outgoing, … more

Blowhard boyfriend wears out his hosts during annual trips

DEAR ABBY — My best friend of 40 years and her boyfriend live several states away from my husband and me. Every winter she and her friend expect to come to our home for a week. We simply … more
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