We should thank and pray for our military members


If God doesn't matter, our flag, our military doesn't matter, what does?

We have thousands of soldiers who gave their lives for our flag and country. They did not have a choice. They were drafted; yet they gave their all, even their lives.

All they have to show for their service is "a Purple Heart and their name on a headstone." They died so we could live beneath "our blanket of freedom," our American flag, a free nation.

We, as a people, should be eternally grateful to every person who wears a uniform. When we disrespect our flag, we disrespect our country, our flag and God, and our soldiers.

They proudly served so our enemies are on foreign soil and not our home front. We are constantly threatened. Our enemies are many. The only thing standing between us and them are our military, our country and, yes, even our flag!

We should be thanking them and praying for God's protection around each one of them. Their lives matter also. They have families, and sometimes they are separated for months at a time. Sometimes longer. Yet, they aren't protesting and marching. They pick up their weapon and protect each and every person that stands beneath our flag of freedom, "Our Red, White and Blue." Long may she live, and long may she fly above our country of freedom and as a country that serves and respects God and all that he stands for.

God has truly blessed America. Now it is time for America to bless God, for we are a thankful and blessed people and "In God We Trust" and depend. For our God is a God of love and unity. A God of peace and prosperity. God was, God is and God will always be our God.