13-year-old girl threatens to 'shoot' Chestnut Oaks Middle 'down'

Wrote on bathroom floor; no credibility to threat has been found


A 13-year-old student reportedly threatened to carry out a shooting at Chestnut Oaks Middle School in Sumter County, officials said.

The girl will be petitioned to a Family Court for disturbing schools after she allegedly wrote on a restroom floor during school on Monday that she would "shoot this school down," according to Ken Bell, public information officer for the Sumter County Sheriff's Office. She reportedly wrote “10:09 2/20/18 I shoot this school down" on the seventh-grade girls' restroom floor.

Other students attending the school on Oswego Highway in northeast Sumter County saw the writing and reported it to school officials, Bell said, and surveillance camera video led authorities to suspect the 13-year-old.

"She later reportedly admitted writing the message, although authorities found no credibility to the threat," Bell said.

Authorities contacted the girl's parents, and she was released to their custody.

Law enforcement and school officials stressed no students were ever in danger from this threat and that no weapon was located.

"Although we don't believe this student had the ability to carry out this threat, we take all threats seriously," Sumter County Sheriff Anthony Dennis said. "Through the quick action and cooperation with school officials, our investigators were able to identify the student involved and bring this case to a close."

Dennis said because of her age, it will be up to the Family Court system to determine any action against the student.

Sumter School District Spokeswoman Shelly Galloway said the student can face disciplinary action in "accordance with the Sumter School District Code of Conduct."

"The safety of our students and staff is our top priority," Galloway said. "We take all threats very seriously and will involve law enforcement in the investigation."