America doesn't want to admit there is a problem


We lose focus so easily in America. The flag issue is only an issue because the media made it one. When guys used to streak across baseball fields the media got together and decided to no longer show it. Now you don't know if it still happens or not. I don't want my president to chime in because he has bigger fish to fry. Every game the media makes it a point to pan the sidelines.

I go to high school games every Friday, and talking, walking hats-on fans are there to be found.

I served for 20 years. I don't have to like anything or anyone, but I have to respect their rights.

How about enough of the smoke screen, and let's talk about how it all got started. We as a country don't want to deal with the fact that there is a problem in this country that needs addressing. If a white woman is afraid to take her hands off the wheel during a traffic stop from fear of being shot and a white officer tries to calm her by saying we only shoot blacks. If you are not black, then you know nothing about the added challenges blacks face in this country. It's like telling someone who lost a loved one, "I know how you feel." You don't. Your loss is not my loss. You may be OK in a few months where it may take me years.