Sumter native's book encourages positive futures

PROVIDED PHOTOThe cover of Fulwood's book, "Trouble in Paradise," is seen.
The cover of Fulwood's book, "Trouble in Paradise," is seen.

Sumter native Lakein Fulwood, 28, wants to encourage others to move past obstacles by sharing her own experiences in her pioneer book, "Trouble in Paradise."

This book is very important because some people have been through a lot, Fulwood said.

"Everyone has a story to tell," she said.

She said her book focuses on encouraging people who may have been abused when they were children.

Fulwood said she, too, experienced hardships when she was a child but followed her dreams despite her past.

She started writing when she was 13 to keep herself motivated, including writing poetry.

Through writing, a person may be able to reach someone who needs help or to get the attention of someone who can help her, she said.

Fulwood also started modeling at 16 and is now preparing to pursue an acting career.

Just because a person experienced hardships in his or her past does not mean success is not possible, she said.

Fulwood hopes the book will encourage others to overcome their pasts.

"Life can be a nightmare only if you make it," Fulwood wrote in her book description. "Take a chance to focus on the positive opportunity that God has set for your purpose."

These are words others can relate to, she said, and this book will offer another way of thinking.

"Don't worry about the past," she said.

At the end of the day, you can get to where you want to be, she said, because it's all about how you go through life.

"Hard work makes great progress," she said, "and it pays off."

"I wish you success," Fulwood said, addressing others who have had bad experiences in life. "I wish you the best of luck."

Please stay confident, and don't waste time when following your dreams and goals, she said.

"Trouble in Paradise" is available in paperback for $15.50 on Amazon, and $9.99 on Kindle.