Champs build bridges with others, not walls


The simple horrific fact of the matter is a Gamecock is known for bloody battles until death. In collegiate and high school sports, that's the competitive swarming spirit student-athletes take to thrilling wins. Likewise, Sumterites work on jobs or academically to be successful too. And if any are not in it for the money, high grade-point average or victory - then they should just as well retire, quit then volunteer for the fun of it in our capitalist society. But, seriously, have you ever wondered in our win or lose atmosphere why some chickens flop and birds of prey triumph?

Oddly, there's no difference between the meat hooks of losers or winners from either side of Sumter's historically racist railroad tracks. And believe it or not the talons that separate failure and success are microscopically similar too. Well, what's different? Positive Gamecocks know success is failure turned inside out, and they gather professional-looking smiles from within while reciting a memorized statement, poem or prayer. Champions spur while facing certain agony or death but keep clawing.

However, in the present political atmosphere, it appears some have a growing demonic lust to pay titanic taxes for a larger-than-life wall to summon racial segregation. These are the same type prosperous people who argued against paying an extra penny tax for desperately needed firetrucks for underprivileged folk. Do you remember barbershop talk of assessments to pave roads or sidewalks and building HOPE recreational facilities? It gave the impression hungry Swamp Foxes were in the henhouse.

Gamecock country is beautiful to look at through the eyes of the beholder. Separating it with an obvious difference makes it horrible. Let's rightfully help the American spiritual fight unite both sides of the tracks and borders because champs build stunning bridges not transparent walls.