Clarendon 3 scores highest locally on ACT WorkKeys


The state Department of Education released another round of test scores last week for all school districts containing results from a career readiness assessment taken by all 11th-graders.

It was the third year that all public high school juniors in South Carolina took ACT WorkKeys, which is a workplace skills assessment that identifies how prepared students are for available jobs and careers. The WorkKeys test was administered to all 11th-graders for the first time in 2015.

Statewide, 60.8 percent of students earned Silver or higher certificates in spring 2017. The Silver certification indicates a student has the skills or readiness necessary for 67 percent of the jobs profiled in ACT's jobs database.

Similar to other 2017 test results released in recent weeks, Clarendon School District 3 - which is represented by East Clarendon High School in Turbeville - registered the highest scores on WorkKeys among the five public school districts in the tri-county region. A total of 66.6 percent of 11th-graders in Clarendon 3 scored Silver and above, surpassing the state average by 5.8 percent.

No other local district was near the state average.

Sumter School District followed behind Clarendon 3 in the region with 45.4 percent of 11th-graders scoring Silver and above. Clarendon School District 1 in Summerton - which is represented by Scott's Branch High School - was next with 44.7 percent of juniors earning Silver or higher certificates.

Clarendon School District 2 in Manning had 36.5 percent of 11th-graders who reached the Silver designation or higher, while Lee County School District had 17.1 percent score at least at the Silver threshold.