Clinton wants to dress up as the president


It sure didn't take long for anyone liberal to jump on the "distraction train." When the news broke a few days back that an undercover agent came forward with information on who really colluded with the Russians, the main-stream media went straight for the "we need to distract from this bad news for us" rule they have.

And the MSM was quick to jump on the news about Manafort being indicted, thinking Trump was involved. Which is not true; the charges stemmed from what happened prior to him being involved in Trump's campaign.

Even Mr. Lee Roy Campbell had to chime in about "the phone call" in Sunday's paper. Each side has their own version of the call, but you know how Democrats are. (See Rachel Maddow) Mr. Campbell, I know you are still "butthurt" that your candidate lost almost a year ago, as you keep talking trash about the current resident of 1600.

What I find funny is that you refer to Trump as a "manchild," yet you don't utter a word about HRC on her current tantrum tour. She has blamed everyone except herself. Even other Democrats.

She is out pushing her book "What Happened," which, in my opinion, should have been one single page with the words "... I lost because people saw right through me" printed on it. HRC wants to dress up as the president. Mr. Campbell, wouldn't you call that Stupid? (capital S intended)