Cookies needed to Shower Shaw


JoAnne Morris, executive director of Sumter Volunteers and Santa's official helper, is asking local bakers to get busy.

Morris is looking to make Christmas extra special for Sumter's military personnel with Sumter Volunteers' 25th-annual Shower Shaw with Cookies. Area bakers are asked to give a dozen cookies - homemade or store bought - to be distributed across Shaw on Wednesday.

The project started when wives at Shaw baked cookies for the airmen and sent dozens of cookies to Air Force personnel serving during Desert Storm between August 1990 and January 1991.

In 1993, people from the base sent out fliers asking the community to get involved, and the mayor asked the community to keep participating, she said.

Today, the community does most of the baking, with the majority of the cookies going to the personnel at Shaw, though some are sent overseas.

Churches, schools and organizations are encouraged to get involved.

Cookies can be packaged in any kind of holiday wrapping or boxes, as long as each dozen is stored in a box or cookie tin to make shipping the treats an easy process. Homemade candy should also be packaged by the dozen. Handmade Christmas cards and thank-you notes are always appreciated by airmen.

Treats can be delivered to Swan Lake Visitor Center, 822 W. Liberty St., between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Dec. 6.

For more information about Shower Shaw with Cookies, call Sumter Volunteers at (803) 775-7423.

When cookies are dropped off, make sure to sign in and write how many are being delivered total.