Country needs a big dose of Dr. Jesus


There appears to be a cloud hovering over our great nation, sucking the life for our people, division.

Hate, violence, crime, demands, protests and ungodly acts of pure evil. When and where will all of this end?

We, as a nation, have left our first love, God. We have many gods and idols in our lives, the wrong ones. We cannot serve two Gods, we will love the one and hate the other.

We need a great big dose of Dr. Jesus. He makes all things new. He heals and delivers, strengthens and renews, loves unconditionally.

God said, "If you will humble yourselves, repent of your sins, I will heal your land." 2 Chronicles 7:14. If our land ever needed healing, it is now.

We are the most blessed nation in the world. People from other countries will trade places with us in a second. What we take for granted, others treasure.

However; freedom wasn't free. It costs us nothing but it cost our fathers, grandfathers, uncles and brothers some limbs, some, their lives.

We are standing at the beginning of the end. God is not happy with us. His patience won't endure forever. Time as we know it is coming to an end.

It is true. We do need healing but, within ones self first, our hearts, homes, families and country, united, indivisible and justice for all, by all, for all.

If we choose not to honor God and our country, that is our choice but, who will God honor?

I choose God firsts and foremost. Without him, we are "blind leading the blind."

I pray, we as a Christian nation will show the world "In God We Trust" and believe and trust in God.

Love instead of bitterness and hate, unity, one God, one nation, one flag, one people, one heart.

Wake up America, take a stand, have a voice for our heavenly father. He heals all wounds for, "God so loved" you and me, he never leaves nor forsakes us, we forsake him.

Wake up. Today may be our last day to serve God.