CW launches combat melodrama 'Valor'

Posted 10/9/17

By Kevin McDonough The CW begins its fall 2017 season a week or two behind the competition. "Valor" (9 p.m., TV-14) is one of two original series for the network. A "Dynasty" reboot airs …

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CW launches combat melodrama 'Valor'


By Kevin McDonough

The CW begins its fall 2017 season a week or two behind the competition. "Valor" (9 p.m., TV-14) is one of two original series for the network. A "Dynasty" reboot airs Wednesday.

After "SEAL Team" and "The Brave," "Valor" is the third combat series to debut this fall set in the ongoing war on terror.

While the first two series cast females behind the scenes in intelligence-gathering roles, "Valor" stars Christina Ochoa as Chief Warrant Officer Nora Madani, a helicopter pilot and the only woman warrior in her elite covert squad.

"Valor" also departs from the procedural to engage in an ongoing mystery. We're often invited into Madani's dream life, or unsettled nightmares. This serves two purposes — providing horrific backstory, while allowing viewers to glimpse the ludicrously voluptuous helicopter pilot in her skimpy underthings.

Madani and her superior officer, Captain Leland Gallo (Matt Barr), share a terrible secret. They were both shot out of the sky during a mission to pick up a hostile "target," losing several of their team in the process. They have collaborated on a cover-up to shield themselves from the repercussions of the betrayal that occurred during their assignment, which will be revealed in this pilot episode.

So, in addition to the usual combat missions, they fight a suspicion that there is treachery in the ranks and that they don't know who to trust while carrying out assignments they do not quite comprehend as part of a loosely defined and undeclared war.

Unfortunately, "Valor" undercuts the conspiracies with cheesecake and casual hanky-panky. In addition to being a seasoned warrior, Gallo is a dangerous ladies' man. One of his conquests actually screams, "Boo-ya!" during an athletic romp. The sexual tension between Gallo and Madani is palpable and obvious. And as Gallo reminds his Amazonian sidekick, they've already got plenty to hide.

Who is the intended audience for "Valor"? Is it a soap opera? A military conspiracy drama? Or a weird political statement on the level of that other coed warrior saga, "Starship Troopers"? Sadly, "Valor" doesn't quite rise to that level of satire.

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