Disrespecting American flag is unacceptable


Americans for generations have saluted the flag. Football is an American sport, and if these players do not want to salute the flag, they should go to another country, maybe North Korea, and see how they would be treated.

Have any of them fought in our wars? Our men and women in the military do not get anywhere near the amount that these players are paid, millions. Many of our soldiers return home with the American flag draped over their coffins.

Disrespecting our flag is so unacceptable. This is our heritage that over years we have fought for.

Remember 9/11! Those people in uniform risked their lives. They are heroes, not football players running a field with a ball.

Legends and heroes do not wear shoulder pads; they carry guns and fight to protect our country.

These NFL players need to think of what they are showing to our young people who idealize these players.

I hope Americans will boycott the sponsors.

If you are not going to respect our flag, move to another country.

I realize their cause is racial injustice, but it is also wrong to disrespect our flag. Two wrongs do not make a right.