Fans don't need spectacles at sports games


Protests seem to be the order of the day in our increasingly contentious society. Everywhere you look, people are protesting, especially students on college campuses and the nitwits who encourage and support them. Not just nitwits but radical anarchists who like to tear up things and hurt people. The snowflakes are one thing, but the destructive element is even worse.

Now we have the spectacle of NFL football players taking knees when the National Anthem is played. Nothing is more appalling than witnessing millionaire football players protesting anything and everything, mainly President Trump. How easy it is to join in picking on the president of the United States. Classy.

But some NFL stars are more classy.

Such as the great New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. He said he supported the players' right to protest but did not agree with what they were doing. I doubt if we'll ever see Tom Brady taking a knee during the playing of the National Anthem.

Then there was the Pittsburgh Steelers lineman who stood at attention with his hand over his heart during Sunday's game when the National Anthem played. He wasn't about to take a knee. Incidentally, he served in the U.S. military.

And even more appalling were some billionaire NFL team owners who linked arms with their protesting employees. Those weasels set a lousy example with their cave-in to the current infatuation with political correctness.

No wonder attendance at NFL games is tanking. American sports doesn't deserve to be tarnished by the protest du jour and neither do the thousands of fans who pay a king's ransom to watch pro football players beat each other's brains out and neither do viewers who used to think a pro football game was just a game. Now it has become something most unappealing when we have to endure such unwelcome spectacles.

Sports-loving Americans deserve better.

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