'LA to Vegas' fails to live up to its potential


By Kevin McDonough

You've heard of saving the best for last. Sometimes I think networks save the worst for first. I can't tell you how many new comedies I've reviewed over the years that arrived in the first days of the new year only to vanish very quickly. Why? Because they were terrible.

Depressingly laughless, "LA to Vegas" (9 p.m., Fox, TV-14) stars Dylan McDermott as a cocky and friendless airline pilot assigned to the short holiday commuter jump that gives this comedy its title.

"The Practice" star McDermott is reduced to Capt. Dave, a stereotype of a competitive corporate schemer always out to show up his flyboy rival, Capt. Steve (Dermot Mulroney). Dave treats his flight crew, particularly the fetching but needy attendant Ronnie (Kim Matula), as his accomplices, but they're always looking out for themselves.

Given its low-budget air jitney run between Tinsel Town and Sin City, this comedy has the potential to showcase a parade of "colorful" characters, a la "The Love Boat." Sadly, too much of the focus is on the cockpit.

A meager subplot concerns Colin (Ed Weeks), a sad divorced dad out to throw a killer party for his 3-year-old son in Las Vegas. But once there, his lack of funds forces him to resort to hiring strippers for the entertainment. Yes, it's that kind of show.

Very little of the brittle dialogue rings remotely true to any human experience.

Dermot Mulroney and Dylan McDermott have appeared in "American Horror Story" installments on FX, and have both starred in CBS dramas. Mulroney's "Pure Genius" was given the hook by CBS last year after one short season. McDermott starred in the sadistic "Stalker," one of the most savagely reviewed and widely loathed series of the 2014-5 season.

I think both have outdone themselves with "LA to Vegas."

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