Left will always politicize tragic events for gain


The latest narrative from the left in America is all about gun control.

The pseudo-late-night comedians, with nothing else to bray about, are now fixated on guns, which are associated with country music by the condescending elites who portray anyone who owns guns as trigger-happy NRA members.

After the Las Vegas slaughters, the left has seized on this narrative and is wailing that all guns should be confiscated, if not banned. And, of course, President Trump somehow winds up being linked to gun owners, as though he was an enabler of the Vegas madman.

Dare we mention that guns alone do not kill people but the psychos who find a way to buy or steal them?

Most gun owners who own guns legally don't buy them to kill other people but instead use guns to kill birds, deer, big game or for sport-shooting and target practice.

I own guns, my father owned guns; he bought me my first shotgun, an L.C. Smith, one of the best. I hunted with my father and shot dove and quail with him. (I never shot Bambi.) I still own guns today. Hunting with my father was a bonding experience, and I wouldn't trade it for any other father-son experience. (He never missed a shot, by the way.)

Sure, there may be too many guns available in our society today, but seldom are they fired on innocent people.

Suicides in homes by guns are not uncommon, nor are murders of spouses and children.

There would be many more such killings if we didn't have vigilant law enforcement like we have in Sumter with Sheriff Anthony Dennis and Police Chief Russell Roark.

There have been many episodes when people who carried guns legally were able to gun down assailants bent on killing them in the course of a robbery and used their weapon to save their own lives against a murderous gunman.

Guns won't go away, and they can't be legislated away. The Second Amendment cannot be abolished, nor should it, because of the aforementioned. There are always risks associated with living in a free society, as we learned from the madman of Vegas, who had his 15 minutes of fame but thankfully won't be around any longer to enjoy it. May he rest unpeaceably in hell.

Leave it to the left to use any target of opportunity such as guns and gun owners to politicize tragic events when bad things happen to good people. A society, any society, will never be perfect, just as there are not perfect people, including the sanctimonious elites.

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