Truths as I see them in the U.S.


First Lady Melania Trump got heat Friday after Massachusetts school librarian Liz Phipps Soeiro declined several Dr. Seuss books donated by the First Lady, claiming the material was "clich " and based on "racist propaganda." It is pretty hard to find anyone under the age of 60 who hasn't read or had read to them a Dr. Seuss book.

So, here are some truths as I see them!

First Dr. Seuss was not a racist, and his books are wonderful. But once you start banning books it is just a short throw to burning them. Next, no matter how many adult coloring books you have, how often you seek out safe spaces or how hard you cry, Donald Trump is the president until 2020. That is the law as defined by the U.S. Constitution.

Hillary Clinton will be in the press at least another three or four times with new people who contributed to her election loss. She will never take any of the blame. And, no matter how many times she clicks her heels and says the words, "There's no place like home!" She will never ever be a resident of the White House again.

As far as the NFL players go, they need to grow up and get a real job. If they wish to kneel, let them kneel for the flag that drapes the coffin of a returning military member. Let them kneel as that flag is presented to a wife or mother. Let them kneel and thank God that they live in a country and have been given the ability to earn millions of dollars a year for playing a game.

Liberal progressives are the loudest to scream "free speech," as long as it is in line with their ideas. Opinions are good as long as it is of the party line. So, next time you attend a peaceful protest or march and there are people with bandannas over their face and head protection it is probably time for you to rethink the word peaceful.

Finally there are so many more truths as I see them and no more space for them, maybe another time. So, God Bless America.