Kelly has the same traits as the fraud he works for


Since The Wall Street Journal's article last Friday, it has been revealed that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly's unnecessary story about the Congresswoman from Florida was a lie.

Since Kelly has not apologized or made any correction as of the writing of this letter, I guess he has been exposed to be as big a "liar" as the fraud he works for. This behavior explains why he is unable to control the behavior of the man-child president because he has identical traits as his boss.

Whether you agree with her exposing the conversation, everything Rep. Frederica Wilson said was true and trump (small T intended) continuously repeating his lie will not change that. The only false statements uttered last week came from those who work daily in the Oval Office.

Quoting the Journal: "John Kelly made a lot of people look small Thursday." (Mainly himself)

"On Thursday, an adult finally stepped into the room." (And another narcissistic brat walked out)