Releasing suspect sends wrong message


I just read The Sumter Item article "Teen says he shot 2 at complex in scheme." The term "teen" would indicate that he is younger than 18 years old which he is not.

This adult male shot two innocent men who were just working. I can not believe the message we are sending to the Sumter community. This violent adult male was released. Seriously, I had to reread this article.

Was he released because he is only 18? Was he released because he only attempted to murder them? Was he released because he was a basketball player for Sumter High School?

Andrew Jeremiah Tiller was charged with two counts of attempted murder, two counts of attempted armed robbery and possession of a weapon during this violent crime and he was released? As a law abiding, tax paying citizen in Sumter County, am I suppose to feel safe because Andrew Jeremiah Tiller is wearing an ankle monitor?