Let's get on with the business of making America strong again


When are our politicians, especially the Left, going to admit the election is over, and our president is Donald Trump, whether they like it or not? I'm not asking them to "join the ranks," just to govern for the people, as we asked you to. Give us the credit we deserve. We elected you for the representation we need. Unfortunately, we "ain't" getting our requests handled, as we wished. It's your way, not ours. It's too bad term limits will never pass because that leaves us stuck with you until someone else comes along. By the way, we're not "deplorables."

Now, regarding the budget: People, you must look beyond the numbers and realize that the Left is not giving you the full story. Listen carefully, and read between the lines. The cuts the Left is pushing are incorrect. Medicare will make some adjustments, and they're necessary due to all the fraud that is taking place within the system. Cuts will be made in other areas, again, because of fraud and abuse, so look and read carefully before getting up in arms over what the Left is telling you. Especially if you hear it from Pelosi (master legislator) or a Schumaker (oops Schumer). These are necessary adjustments for our system if we are to someday balance our gone, wild budget. Veterans will get their benefits for their service to their country provided we get good leadership in that area and again stop the fraud and mismanagement that so flagrantly takes place. We must pull together and try to stop this, and I believe we are going in the right direction with this administration. We should stand together for a better and stronger America. Stop this "silly" bickering and infighting for special interests and get on with making this a "stronger and better America."

Again, the president's attempt to "drain the swamp" may not work because of the Left and its "we've always done it this way." Our legislators don't want to lose their jobs and therefore will resist any attempts to change the way Washington operates. I wonder if the Left would resist if a pay raise were suggested for our Washington elite. (Let's not go there.) Let's stop this foolishness of resist, resist as outlined by Schumer and get on with the business of making America strong again.

Our enemies are having a good time with our stupidity in our political arena.

God bless America.