State should enforce animal abuse laws


According to the S.C. law on animal abuse, it is unlawful for people to leave animals outside in adverse weather with no shelter; however, this happens all the time but neither the police nor animal control does anything about it.

Dogs are left out all day and night with no shelter literally freezing to death in our current weather conditions. I see posts online all the time about someone's neighbor who has a dog out in the freezing weather but they won't bring the dog in even though it is crying. If someone has an animal tied outside in freezing weather or extreme heat, or with no food or water, that dog needs to be removed from the property. Why should the animal freeze or starve to death because no one wants to enforce the laws?

Animals are abandoned by people when they move to another place, but no one does anything about the abandoned animal. I have personally experienced someone moving and leaving their dog behind in the yard to die. When I called the police I was told I cannot go on private property even though the house was abandoned. What about the animal's rights? The laws need to be much stricter and must be enforced. There are rescue organizations who would take that dog and foster homes who will take care of it until someone with a heart can give it a home. Some people should not be allowed to have animals.

This state needs an animal abuse registry and people willing to stand up and change the laws to help these animals.

I have sent letters with this same content to Mayor McElveen, Rep. Murrell Smith and Congressman Norman. I am awaiting their response.