Why is Graham helping Democratic contributors?


Editor's note: The following letter to the editor, written by Wilma Storey of Lexington, South Carolina, first appeared in the Thursday, Dec. 14, edition of The Wall Street Journal.

Your editorial "The Trial Bar's Tax Break" (Dec. 5) on Sen. Lindsey Graham's tax break gift to the trial lawyers gets even more interesting when you consider that the South Carolina senator is rewarding West Coast trial lawyers while effectively helping to fund his fellow Republicans' defeat.

For Sen. Graham personally, the math is easy. According to campaign finance website opensecrets.org, lawyers are the No. 1 donor group to Sen. Graham's entire Senate career at more than $4.1 million.

Sen. Graham's amendment to the tax bill is worth an estimated $500 million over 10 years to lawyers in places like California, according to Congress' Joint Commission on Taxation. Some of that money will surely see its way into campaigns aimed at removing fellow Republicans from office.

Trial lawyers overwhelmingly give to Democrats. For example, the American Association for Justice, the plantiffs' lawyer lobbying group, allocated more than 96 percent of its nearly $1.9 million spent in the 2016 election cycle for Democrats, according to campaign donation records.

As the House and Senate negotiate a final tax bill, Republican members should keep in mind that allowing Sen. Graham's trial lawyer tax giveaway to stand is akin to funding their own defeat.


Lexington, S.C.