If you can't respect other opinions, you can leave


Two comments:

First to the gentleman who thinks Dr. Baker is milking the county for money; you need to understand that he had a multi-year contract that was re-negotiated with his agreement to resign. He probably could have asked for more.

The cute PR statement that the board put out about calling him in for consulting was just for public benefit. I doubt the district or interim superintendent will call Dr. Baker for anything.

Secondly, the writer who wants liberals to leave the country may need to do that himself and take the monuments honoring racists with him.

After all, it was his ancestors and "heroes" who sought to secede from the United States and fought a losing war to do so. It was their disregard for humanity, freedom and desire of free labor that drove them to fight fellow countrymen and family members to sustain their "peculiar institution."

No Sir, if you can't live with the opinions of others, respect other beliefs, religious or otherwise, and can't accept the fact that you lost that unnecessary war then you leave!

This is my country, and I'm not going anywhere.