The people are the life of a sport, so stop going


Today, we as citizens of this great country stand at a crossroads. People are murdered, protestors break and enter, rob and destroy, all in the name of peace.

People are killed in God's house of worship. We as a people wonder what has happened to our "Great Nation." Who can we trust? Where has respect gone? "Love your neighbor as you love yourself." "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." What?

This is what happens when God is taken out of a country, hearts and homes.

Disrespect for our red, white and blue. Freedom is not free. If you are not happy here, leave and find another place to live.

Football players make millions each year. Yet, they protest our anthem that people fought and died to protect. Stop buying their merchandise, don't go to the games, protest every sport that disrespects our country and the soldiers that died to give us this freedom.

We have a voice, use it. Stand up for what is right. We do not need more distractions in our lives, we have enough and enough is enough. The people are the life of a sport. If you stop, they will stop or go out of business. Your voice, your decisions matter. We are a united nation, not a nation of division. We matter, our flag matters, so does our National Anthem.

We as a people have the freedom, the right. We are born with an obligation to God first, family second and others last.

Today we must decide who and what we stand for, freedom or bondage - "Choose ye this day, who you will serve." Man up, speak up, stand up and take back our national heritage for we are Americans, "land of the brave and home of the free."

I'm sick and tired of all this unrest.