Liberals need their own country to live in


Let me just say that one-third to half of the country don't like leftist-liberal outlooks like so many that seem to be writing commentaries for the newspaper. The left-right clash will never cease anytime soon.

Leave all the statues alone. Left-wing liberal radicals trying to remove the Civil War statues and monuments really angers a lot of us Americans! Find something better to do!

And it is about heritage for so many of us, not hatred, as Mr. Brian Hicks, like most libtards, try to paint you with their "hate" paint brush, "common liberal tactic," they are the real haters often.

Liberal-minded people need their own country to live in. Keep their filthy hands off the Civil War statues, the 10 Commandment monuments and the crosses that left-minded people have been engaged in warfare to remove from our great land. I applaud all who oppose them.