Litter ads are a waste of money around here


Every time I see the ad on TV where they sing, "No one trashes my state," I think it is a real waste of money. Apparently they have never driven along the bypass or any other highway in Sumter County.

Only time we get any relief of trash sightings is when the grass gets high; then comes the state mowers and things provided by so many inconsiderate persons is revealed. Recently I have observed full trash bags in the middle of roadways and have observed persons leaving a mobile home park with a trash bag on the trunk lid. Apparently intending to stop at the dumpster at the entrance to the park but forget and let the bag fall into the roadway. At one time, deputies were supposed to check the bag contents to try and determine who dumped that trash and charge them appropriately. Apparently they have let that process go by the wayside.

Sumter County has established a group to discuss the trash problem; about the only thing they may accomplish is picking it up along with the inmates from SCDC. Take a drive on South Pike East from U.S. 76 to the Lake City Highway, you can quickly see how inconsiderate people can be with whatever they have in their hands or car can be jettisoned. Also, the many trash trucks that exit the bypass to get on U.S. 76 to go to the county landfill with debris flying out of them. "Uncommon Patriotism" may be alive and well in our community, but "No One Trashes My State" is a fallacy.