Loose cannonball was set free to harm others


I told myself I was not going to write to the editor about the 18-year-old man (he is not a teenager), Andrew J. Tiller, and his attempt at murdering two innocent men, causing them now to have lifelong pain and suffering. And the absolute folly of him going free on $37,000 bail.

Really! What is Magistrate Larry Blanding doing on the bench? This is the second-most serious criminal act you can commit after murder. Not just one but two victims. This criminal has shown no human morals, just a predatory nature.

The criminal that shot me was on parole and was wearing an ankle monitor, which he removed, drove to Sumter from Orangeburg, shot me then went home, put the ankle monitor back on and no one knew what happened.

Tiller should have been studying for college. He hunted his prey and shot them, and now he is back on the streets to brag to all his buddies how he pulled the trigger.

I am sure he is very grateful to Magistrate Larry Blanding for allowing him to go home with his family while the families of the two men he shot wonder how they are going to pay hospital bills and if they will ever be able to return to work.

Solicitor Ernest "Chip" Finney III did not think this case was serious enough to warrant a member of his staff being there to represent us and see that this loose cannonball was restrained and not allowed to roam free to hurt others.

I am sure Tiller and his lawyer are now planning how to get a sweet plea bargain for a lesser charge and maybe serve only probation for trying to kill two, not one, innocent men doing what he should have been doing, working.

Why should the criminals fear? Everything is in their favor. It seems the only right the victims have is the right to suffering, pain and bills.