More revelations await


If you haven't checked the news recently, then that explosion you heard in the distance last night was the "Trump Russian collusion" narrative blowing up in the faces of a lot of Democrats and media people. Hillary Clinton (who has been on her "Making You Glad You Voted For Trump" world tour for the past couple of weeks) had barely managed to brush off the growing collusion/cover-up scandal over the Russian purchase of one-fifth of our uranium supply as a lot of discredited baloney when the Spam hit the fan.

That well-known right-wing media mouthpiece, the Washington Post, reported that the notorious "Russian dossier" on Donald Trump - the one compiled by a shady oppo research firm and whose genuine USDA Grade A baloney reportedly was the basis for the Obama Administration wiretapping the Trump campaign and for Robert Mueller's investigation - was actually paid for by the DNC and a lawyer from Hillary's own campaign. Last week, the representatives of that firm, Fusion GPS, took the Fifth to keep from telling Congress who had paid them to compile it.

Reactions to the bombshell news ranged from dead silence to denials of any direct knowledge to claims that oppo research is just standard operating procedure in D.C. But trying to bring down a presidency by howling for an investigation based on questionable oppo research you secretly paid for yourself is just about as unethical as, say, heading an investigation into a scandal in which you had prior involvement you never revealed or for which your prot g is your chief witness.

Or accusing your opponent of colluding with Russia while you were signing off on a business deal with Russia that endangered the world while Russian sources poured over $100 million into your family's foundation. Or well, if I keep listing breathtakingly unethical things we've seen out of Washington over the past few years, we'll be here all day.

Better we should spend today watching the latest news to see what more revelations await. It promises to be an interesting day, as prominent figures scurry to cover their rumps and media hounds who have been baying up the Trump collusion tree for the past year try to explain how they completely missed the scent of the sewer that was right under their own feet.

Editor's note: Mike Huckabee served as Arkansas' governor from 1996 to 2007. He ran for the Republican nomination for president in 2008. He is a contributor to Fox News.