Next few weeks will have must-watch TV


You know, it's funny when I sit down and watch the morning cable news shows. Not ha-ha funny but funny that the mainstream media does exactly what is expected of them. They don't report on what turns out to be the story. And we all know that what they don't report has something bad about a Democrat. But it didn't dawn on me until this morning what the Democrat philosophy is concerning the media. The Democrats started the "Russian collusion" mess. That's all the MSM reported. It stopped when they couldn't find anything. Then, Mueller got involved. They started reporting again. Then, a few days ago, an undercover agent turned up, with evidence that the Democrats themselves started it. Boom. The networks dropped the collusion coverage. I would appreciate it if one of you Democrats would explain the decision making here. I could sit here and gloat over the fact that Trump won. I could also gloat over the fact the Democrats have tried all kinds of tactics to make Trump look foolish, only to have it thrown back in their faces. But I won't. I get too much enjoyment watching Democrats implode. And the next few weeks watching how the Democrats try to "explain" the dossier, Uranium 1, etc., will certainly be considered "must-watch TV." Hate to say I told you so, but...