NFL shows ignorance in 'taking a knee' at games


Once again the NFL has shown their ignorance, arrogance and lack of leadership with no backbone or character. Since when does the NFL deserve more respect than our flag? First they disrespect women, now nation. Our forefathers believed in God, family and country.

The flag and anthem are not about politics or race but patriotism. Is the anthem going to go by the way of prayer? We're on a slippery slope. This great nation affords these athletes enormous salaries to carry a "ball" down a field while others are protecting them to have that privilege, it's time they start showing their respect. There is not one job in this country where a replacement is not available.

Kudos to NASCAR for their respect of our nation and most of all to the lone player and veteran who stood for his country, I stand with him as a proud American. Perhaps it's time we bring back the draft, and I don't mean the NFL draft.