Open letter to mayor, city council of Sumter


Re: Public comments section of the regular meetings of the city council

Dear Mr. McElveen and members of the city council of Sumter:

Thank you so very kindly for forwarding to me information that has reference to the participation of the public in regular meetings of the city council.

Your timely response is highly appreciated.

It is prudent and very important that the public receives accurate, clear, precise and transparent information from its governmental agencies and commissions so as to be informed of any and all actions and procedures.

Please note that all of the city council regular meeting agendas state the words: public comments, and gives the time limit for these comments to be three minutes or less. This statement is misleading and confusing. It gives the impression that any member of the general public may address the city council.

Furthermore, the City of Sumter, in its city council, regular meeting agendas, does not inform the public of the requirement of its notifying the city clerk of its desire to address the city council.

Lastly, are persons who pay taxes to the City of Sumter considered as "citizens" of the City of Sumter?

The City of Sumter must provide to the general public accurate, precise information with complete and full transparency.

Your response will be most certainly appreciated.


The Family Unit, Inc., a 501(c)(3), nonprofit, charitable organization