Safety, sanitation and structure in South Sumter


The three "S's" were the emphasis during the Free Community Cookout held on Tuesday in the Pinedale area. As the name hints, it is a subdivision scattered with towering trees and untold pinecone. Nestled near Wilder Elementary and Bates Middle schools, income, educational levels and age range as far as the infinite spectrum will allow.

One outspoken resident suggested: Let's take one day out of a year, last year. If the entire Pinedale community would take in the surrounding area, then it would be a start to solving the three main problems ranging from safety to sanitation to structure, three S's. This was a raspy plea of Rev. James L. Kennedy, president of the Pinedale Community Association.

From beyond the beyond, those were also the quiet whispered echoes of former educator Mr. E. Sumpter and former Sumter Branch NAACP president Mr. F. Burns into Kennedy's ears. The groundbreaking men were also presidents of the Pinedale Homeowner's Association.

Long before recent deadly shootings in Las Vegas, the event in South Sumter would have been protected from nefarious individuals, because the Sumter Police Department and Fire and Rescue Squad had been politely asked to participate. The Sumter Fire Department even fired up the grill to demonstrate how to safely cook countless donated hotdogs on a grill. In likewise manner, the police department spoke about safety issues.

Special thanks go out to a slew of unidentified folk in South Sumter who from behind the scenes made this happen to make the event extraordinarily better. These people are the exact ones who donate money, volunteer countless hours and encourage with a smile, the ones who pray unseen and the ones who do much yet speak little.