Our heroes are in Arlington Cemetery


If we as a country should happen to go to war with North Korea, just send all of our NFL players. Let them step up to the plate and take charge. Let's see how they take control when they kneel to Kim. I wonder; what do you think will happen with their demands then?

All for one and one for all seems to be their united voice. Well, let's see what happens when they pick up a weapon and stand a post. Stand guard in the cold and rain, put your life in someone else's hands, take a tremendous pay cut, go on food stamps and struggle to pay your bills. Barely keep your family's needs met.

Now it is a very different ball game - a different playing field with very different rules and no referees.

Danger all around, the smell of death in the air. Tension, stress and, yes, maybe even fear. Bullets, bombs, tanks, planes, blood, body parts, this is what our brave men and women face each day they arise, put on a uniform and stand at attention and salute our red, white and blue as it rises to its post above the greatest nation in the world, our United States of America. Love it or leave it but always respect our nation, our flag and what she stands for and represents, the fallen soldiers from before, now and forever.

Never forget the foundation of our great nation, "In God We Trust," yesterday, today and forever.

Our heroes are in Arlington Cemetery, and not one has a trophy or Super Bowl ring. They got an American flag, a salute and a bugle playing Taps in the background. They rest in peace with respect from the living.

For we are "One nation under God," united and not divided, until death do us part, together, one God, one flag, one country, one people.