Planning commission seeks input on transportation survey


Sumter City-County Planning Commission is asking the public to complete a transportation study to help the department determine which roads and intersections should be added to the county's new long-range transportation plan project list.

Sumter Senior Transportation Planner Allan Yu said Sumter Urban Area Transportation Study Metropolitan Planning Organization is in the process of updating the Long Range Transportation Plan for Sumter and needs public input to create a project list.

The project list is updated every five years, he said. The survey is an opportunity for the public to make suggestions about what kind of transportation improvements they would like to see, he said.

Yu said although public input will not determine which projects will be selected, public opinion will definitely influence the final project list.

If a lot of people express that they would like changes made to the same intersection, the consultant agency hired by the planning department will categorize that intersection as a priority, he said.

However, before any project is added to the long-range transportation list, it must be evaluated using criteria required by the state such as safety, impact on economic development and the physical state of the roads, Yu said.

The survey also includes an interactive map where survey takers can leave comments stating what changes they would like to see made to specific roads and intersections, Yu said.

He said the consultant agency will collect the survey results and analyze, categorize and rank the roads and intersections.

Once the project list is complete, the transportation improvements will be completed, going down the order on the project list, when the state can provide funding, he said.

Surveys can be submitted anonymously.

Yu said that those who are interested should complete the survey before Oct. 12, when the planning department will schedule a public meeting about transportation improvements.

The public meeting, which will be held at Swan Lake Visitors Center, will allow the public to state what kind of improvements they would like to see in a face-to-face setting, he said.

To take the survey, see the online edition of this article on The Sumter Item's website.

Yu said the survey will be included on the planning department's website soon.

For more information about SUATS or the long-range transportation plan selection process, contact Senior Transportation Planner Allan Yu at (803) 774-1612.