Remembering Scott Rumph's kindness, generosity


One Saturday evening many years ago, I attended a party at Sunset Country Club. Scott Rumph was looking for my husband, Lea Givens. I told him that Lea was in Atlanta for a medical meeting and that I planned to fly from Columbia on American Airlines the next morning to join him.

It just so happened that Scott and his wife, Dot, were flying his plane to Atlanta the next day, and he insisted that I go with them. They were long-time friends (a physician / patient relationship as well as social friends). I had no doubt that Scott was an extremely accomplished pilot. So, I accepted his very special invitation, and they came by for me early Sunday morning.

What an unforgettable experience this trip proved to be! Scott actually allowed me to pilot the plane for most of the way there - well, except for the landing! Novice that I was, I wondered about having an amateur at the controls. Dot was surely aghast. Scott kept a car at the Atlanta Airport, and upon our arrival, they most graciously took me to my hotel. There is absolutely no way that American Airlines could compare with the Rumphs!

Following this trip, every time I saw Scott he asked me if I was ready to fly to Atlanta again. My reply was always "I'll go home right now and pack!"

More years passed by, and the time came when Dr. Givens needed medical care in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins. Scott was so thoughtful and generous to again offer his plane and pilot for a trip to Baltimore. Our family was grateful beyond words for his kindness and concern for us all during this most difficult time. "In sickness and in health," he was there for us. No one could have asked for a better or more faithful friend.