Renew driver's license online

Most won't need to visit SCDMV


Most South Carolinians who have a regular (Class D, E, F, M, or any combination of the four) driver's license and whose driving privileges are in good standing can now renew their license from the comfort of home at, the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles announced Wednesday.

You will only need to visit the SCDMV every other time you're up for renewal to take a new photograph for your license, as long as your driving privileges remain in good standing. If you renewed by mail the last time you renewed your license, you're ineligible for online renewal this time and must visit an SCDMV branch.

If you have a commercial driver's license or identification card or are an international customer, you must continue to visit an SCDMV branch to renew your license or ID. Because of state and federal laws, these cards are not available for online renewal.

State law no longer requires vision screenings for most people when they renew their license. A vision screening is still required for a customer to receive his or her first South Carolina beginner's permit or driver's license or if returning to the state after being licensed in a different state.