Shaw readies for possible storm


Shaw Air Force Base is maintaining normal operations but has moved to Hurricane Condition 5, which indicates that winds of 58 mph or greater are possible within 96 hours, according to a news release. The change in HURCON follows South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster's declaration of a state of emergency for South Carolina in preparation for Hurricane Irma, according to the release.

The Air Force uses the following HURCON scale in anticipation of a destructive wind event:

HURCON 5: Destructive winds anticipated in 96 hours.

HURCON 4: Destructive winds anticipated in 72 hours.

HURCON 3: Destructive winds anticipated in 48 hours.

HURCON 2: Destructive winds anticipated in 24 hours.

HURCON 1: Destructive winds anticipated in 12 hours.

HURCON 1C Caution: Winds of 40-57 mph sustained are occurring.

HURCON 1E Emergency: Winds of 58 mph sustained or gusts of 69 mph or greater are occurring.

HURCON 1R Recovery: Destructive winds have subsided and are no longer forecast to occur; survey and work crews are permitted to determine the extent of damage and to establish safe zones around hazards. Non-essential personnel are asked to remain indoors.

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