Solid choices for school board


The selection Monday by Sumter's legislative delegation of William Byrd and Bonnie Disney as the two newest members of the Sumter School District Board of Trustees was a good choice, as both have a solid record of support and leadership of public education in Sumter. Disney is a career educator who was a high school teacher, plus she served on the state board of education. They will be joining with the district's new interim school superintendent, Debbie Hamm, who brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and achievement in public education to the table. We wish her success.

Byrd is a CPA and a dedicated supporter of public education in Sumter, having served on the school board's advisory finance committee.

Their appointments expand the board from seven to nine, and they will serve until the November 2018 election as at-large members.

The district is sorely in need of solid leadership after the upheavals of recent years, exacerbated by a severe financial shortfall. There is plenty of blame that can be assigned, already thoroughly aired for public consumption. The task ahead is for the district to regroup and its employers - the taxpayers, along with administrators, teachers, students and parents - to come together, work together and rebuild and renew Sumter's educational system.

Not only the community, but also the young minds that deserve the best public education that Sumter can offer are more than ready for a new beginning. Let's all of us pull together and make it happen.