Sumter County Airport gets $350k facelift


Sumter County Airport is undergoing a $350,000 rejuvenation project to extend the lifespan of the runway, taxiways and tarmac by repaving much of the airport's surfaces.

A large portion of the project is funded by the Federal Aviation Administration which provided 90 percent of the funding. South Carolina Aeronautics Commission and Sumter County government provided five percent each for the remaining portion.

At the end of September contractors began applying a proprietary substance to the 5,500-foot runway and other asphalt surfaces which are anticipated to last well into the next decade.

Centerlines and other markings were painted during the second week of October.

The airport is also scheduled to receive more updates in November when the existing incandescent lighting along the runway and taxiways will be replaced with LED lights.

The lighting project is expected to cost approximately $97,500, with the Federal Aviation Administration providing 90 percent of the funding in the form of a grant. South Carolina Aeronautics Commission provided 5 percent of the funding with another grant and Sumter County provided approximately $10,800 from its infrastructure fund to design the lighting project and update signs on the runway and taxiway.

Night operations will shut down while the lighting portion of the project is taking place.