Sumter County gets positive audit

Report also shows $4M increase by staying under budget during fiscal year


An unmodified opinion is not the only positive result in Sumter County's 2017 audit report, which also showed a $4 million increase in the municipality's net position, or value.

Webster Roger LLP, the auditing agency, reported the county ended the fiscal year with a net position - a combined value of the county's assets and deductions - of $80.4 million, $3.9 million more than the previous year.

Sumter County ended the fiscal year with a positive difference of $800,000 in general funds after collecting $51.8 million in revenue and spending approximately $51 million.

Nearly $24 million of the county's revenue - approximately 46 percent - was collected through property taxes, and 38 percent of expenditures - $19.5 million - were spent on public safety.

Based on the final budget, the county collected $2 million more than anticipated for a total actual revenue budget of $52.7 million.

Regarding expenditures, the county budgeted to spend approximately $53 million and actually spent about $49 million - staying under budget by $4.1 million.

About 10 percent - $4.9 million - of general fund expenditures were used for health and human services, which includes Sumter County EMS, the department partially responsible for an increase in charges for service revenue for the county.

The county saw an increase of about $5 million to its charges for service - about $1.3 million of that is attributed to Sumter County EMS - according to Jennifer Miller with Webster Roger LLP.

By the end of the fiscal year, Sumter County had $66.1 million in outstanding bonds, notes and capital lease obligations - a net increase of $6.2 million to its long-term debts compared to the previous year, according to the report.

The report also states the county had a $4 million net increase - which includes additions and deductions - in investments for a total of $124 million in 2017.

Additional major capital assets - before deductions were subtracted - included: $5.4 million to purchase land or construct facilities, nearly $1 million to purchase patrol vehicles for Sumter County Sheriff's Office and equipment for Sumter Fire Department and $3 million for road infrastructure.