Thanks to staff at Tuomey for the memories


For the past week, I've been on a brief vacation at Tuomey hospital.

Thanks to Dr. Gene Dickerson and the tender mercies of the world-class nurses at Tuomey, I am back on my feet and ready to resume writing.

Being confined to a bed at Tuomey isn't too bad when you're in good hands. Even the cuisine isn't too bad at Tuomey. I especially enjoyed the chicken noodle soup. However, the bed I was assigned in my room was somewhat disappointing - too small, more fitting for a midget. But who goes to a hospital to sleep? It's not exactly the Ritz Carlton, nor is it supposed to be.

I wish I could name all the nurses who took care of me, but they know who they are, and I thank them for their very fine care, although I keep wondering - when do they ever sleep?

Sure, they pestered me when checking my vitals and hooking up the IV's in my arms, but so what? That comes with the territory, and none of the nurses were like Nurse Ratched in the Jack Nicholson movie. When she saw to it, he got a lobotomy. Remember her? Tuomey's angels of mercy were real pros, and I thank them for helping put me back together again. Thanks for the memories, Tuomey staff. It sure was fun - wasn't it?

I hope you'll understand and not take it personally when I say I hope I won't be back anytime soon.


Your appreciative patient

H.D. Osteen Jr.