The clock is ticking for Republicans


Republicans continue their habit of lining up in a circular firing squad, killing all their attempts at actually governing.

Governing? What's that? Isn't that what they were elected to do?

This is a party that controls all three branches of government, the presidency, the House and the Senate.

Take health care reform - please.

Thanks to Rand Paul, a physician who is the "Dr. No" of the U.S. Senate, and Sen. John McCain, who torpedoed the first version of health care reform during the summer and has now aided and abetted Paul in voting against the latest Trump care version.

In doing so, McCain gave the finger to his long-time ally, Sen. Lindsey Graham, who worked diligently in putting together the most sensible effort at health care reform with the bill he co-sponsored.

Lindsey's loyalty was wasted on fair-weather friend McCain.

With friends like that, who needs enemies?

President Trump has all but washed his hands of the whole mess as health care reform seems to be a lost cause for this session of Congress.

Now the next legislation awaiting the tender mercies of the Schumer-Elizabeth Warren Democrats is tax reform, and Trump has a good plan for that, and it is better for the American people, especially working Americans. But that is not going to be enough to please "The Resistance," also known as the Democratic Party, which is joined at the hip with the failed health care program known as Obamacare, which is killing American taxpayers and families in need of affordable medical care.

With mid-term elections looming, Republicans are on the brink of squandering all they gained from the average, hard-working Americans who put them in office in the hope that a new way would be a better way. This nation cannot afford the old way of big government spending, onerous taxation and over-regulation.

The clock is ticking, GOP - you might not be a Grand Old Party much longer.