Turbeville closer to repealing speeding ordinance


TURBEVILLE - Turbeville's days as an alleged speed trap appear to be coming to an end.

Turbeville Town Council voted Tuesday to approve the second reading of an ordinance that will repeal the town's existing ordinance which establishes a municipal fine for speeding.

The community was the target of a lawsuit filed in 2016, and bills were introduced in the South Carolina General Assembly to end the practice during the spring 2017 session.

Town Administrator Rodney Johnson said council was repealing the ordinance on the advice of counsel. He said the town has already stopped enforcing the municipal speeding law.

Council also approved a Planning & Zoning Commission parking exception for a day care center. The exception will allow Sarah and Scott Green to open a day care facility with 20 parking spaces, less than required by the current zoning ordinance.

"If it starts causing problems, people parking in the road and stuff, we'll make other accommodations," Planning Director Ray Morris told council.

Scott Green told council parking problems are mostly associated with day care centers which do not have drive-through lanes, which the proposed center will have. Green said his observation at day care centers in Sumter back up his assertion.

"The ones who don't have drive-throughs have problems; the ones who do don't have problems," he said.

A dedication ceremony for a memorial naming the intersection of Pope Street and Hickory Hill Road after James Witherspoon was tentatively set for 4 p.m. Nov. 10.

County councilman Benton Blakely, who represents the Turbeville area, told council his concerns about solar farms claiming too much farmland were eased after hearing a presentation from Strata Solar at a Clarendon County Council meeting Monday night.

"A lot of farmers have concerns about them spreading all over the county," he said.

Blakely said he learned the solar farms can't proliferate "out of control" because of limitations to the power grid. He also said it appeared the solar farms would be a good way for rural towns such as Turbeville to produce income.