USC Sumter hosts discussion of book on mothers-in-law


Several contributors to the nonfiction book "His Mother!: Women Write About Their Mothers-in-Law with Humor, Frustration and Love" will participate in a reading and discussion Thursday at University of South Carolina Sumter's Anderson Library. The 7 p.m. program is free and open to the public.

Sandy Richardson, founder and editor-in-chief of Southern Sass Publishing Alliances, as well as a contributor to the book, will be joined by writers Bobbi Adams, Dale Barwick, Margaret Jean Bell, Krista Bowes, Noa Daniels, Dianne Johnson, Kathryn Etters Lovatt, Susan Doherty Osteen, Michelle Ross and Laura P. Valtorta.

At the time of its publication in the fall of 2016, Richardson said the book was intended "to debunk old mother-in-law myths." The true accounts feature mothers-in-law who are admirable and lovable as well as some who are mean spirited; some have what seem like skewed values; one is overly close to her son; and one even threatened her daughter-in-law with murder. And that's just a few.

Some may seem too odd to be true, while others may be almost too familiar.

The back cover of "His Mother!" reads in part: "According to recent studies, (mothers-in-law) contribute tension to approximately sixty percent of all marriages. ... (The book) is a collection of real-life accounts from modern day women representing a range of ages, religions, nationalities, education and even hair color," which should make for a lively, interesting discussion.

Information on the individual contributors to "His Mother!" can be found at The publisher's page at that site also offers more information about the book.

Contact Sandra Chapman, head librarian of the Anderson Library at USC Sumter, with any questions: or (803) 938-3736.