Veterans do all they can to protect our rights


After reading Friday two letters to the editor, I had to reply. Those NFL players were only protesting a situation ongoing in our country that affects minorities.

I have been to many sport events where most people would stand yet not show a great deal of concern about the anthem or flag. Most of them were only interested in the upcoming sports event. As an American, I love it here because the flag represents the right for freedom of speech and choices. That's the beauty of our country.

Beware of false prophets. This division will destroy the very freedoms we are accustomed to. I don't have to demonstrate my love for the flag for anyone. This feeling for the freedoms in our country is part of its DNA. That's what our flag stands for. It has filled the American conscience long before this so-called reminder of what it stands for.

Would the brave men and women who fought in World War II be happy seeing groups display a flag with the Nazi symbol out in public? I notice those types of protests filled with hate that are protected by our 1st Amendment rights was not mentioned.

In one of the letters, it was suggested those people who do not respect this new way of thinking should leave the country. Please remember most Americans are descendants of west Europeans. Were you suggesting that they leave? I am sure you weren't. I am ex-military; I would have done all I could to protect those rights for all Americans.