Our country needs to seek God for answers


Our nation is in trouble. We have turned to our own understanding instead of seeking God for answers and praying for wisdom.

When we have so much destruction and this much devastation in our country, brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor and friend against friend, something is terribly wrong.

We weren't created to destroy one another. We were created to serve God, love one another and help each other.

We aren't safe anywhere anymore. Our kids at school, church, games or even our cars and homes.

Why and how did we get to this place of evil in our lives? First, "in God we trust" seems to be a time of the past. God is alive too, "whosoever will" dead to others.

It seems as though most people prefer darkness to light and violence and crime to peace and love and calm.

Death is a sure thing. We know not the day nor the hour, but one thing is sure: we will die. It might not today, but we aren't promised tomorrow either. Death stands on the horizon for each of us, but are we ready for death?

If we aren't, I suggest we read the story about the ten virgins. Five were wise, and five weren't prepared. So are we prepared and ready, or do we fall by the wayside?

Crime doesn't pay. Violence isn't the answer. God is the answer. He is the only solution to every problem we encounter if we will only trust and believe. God loves, God builds, God strengthens and God forgives. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by truly trusting in our one true and living God.

God was, God is and God will always be your answer to every solution. God is much bigger than your problem.