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Would romance with former teacher be off limits?

DEAR ABBY - I'm a woman in my 50s and will be going to my high school reunion in a few months. I recently reconnected with one of my high school teachers, whom I greatly admired. (OK, I'll admit I had a schoolgirl crush on him.) He is 10 years … more

Affair with a married man earns sister's disapproval

DEAR ABBY — My sister has been having an affair with a married man. When I asked if he was going to leave his wife, she said no, and it was fine with her. She claims his wife is fat and … more

Daughter's Peace Corps plan gets thumbs down from dad

DEAR ABBY — Our 23-year-old daughter, "Alexa," has a wonderful, well-paying corporate job with good benefits and a flexible schedule. She has low expenses, no debt and banks a respectable … more

Divorcing mom is grateful for new man's friendship

DEAR ABBY - A year ago my 13-year marriage fell apart. My husband, "Rick," will be spending the next six years in prison. I am 32 and have two boys, ages 13 and 15. The last year has been pretty tough for all of us. I've been learning how to be … more

Wife sick of vicious tales told by husband's ex

DEAR ABBY - I have been with my husband for five years, and we have two children together. It's my husband's second marriage and my first. He and his first wife, "Gretchen," had no kids, but they did have a long and messy divorce. She and her family … more

Man retiring from military sets rules in marriage

DEAR ABBY - My husband of 10 years is in the process of retiring from the military and is now re-evaluating "procedures" and "policies" of everything - including our marriage. I'm trying to respect his needs in an effort to help him make sense of … more

Kids are never out of mom's sight with grandparents

DEAR ABBY - My husband and I have three wonderful grandchildren who live with our daughter and son-in-law in another state. Our daughter will not allow us to take the children out to lunch, shopping, for ice cream or anywhere without the parents … more

Wife resists giving support to man's new career plan

DEAR ABBY — I am an older IT professional (58) who had a very successful career until a year ago. I was part of a major layoff at the company I worked at for many years. I have not been … more

Drunk driver's wife has dire warning for other spouses

DEAR ABBY — Many wives write you about problems with their husbands who drink too much. If they live in a community property state, there's something important they need to know. If the … more

Mom concerned for son in stressful new marriage

DEAR ABBY - Our youngest son recently married a woman who has an 18-year-old disabled daughter, "Lauren." The girl's mental level is between that of a 2- and 4-year-old. There have been physical confrontations between my new daughter-in-law and her … more

Mom makes travel plans without invitation to visit

DEAR ABBY - I gave birth to my daughter three months ago, after 44 grueling hours of labor. My mother, assuming I would want her in the delivery room, booked her flight, flew across the country and stayed at my house without asking when I'd like her … more

A normal life eludes victim of childhood abuse

DEAR ABBY - I am a 53-year-old woman who is a sexual abuse survivor. This has consumed every aspect of my life. It started when I was around 2, I believe, and was a daily occurrence until I was 14. My abuser was my paternal grandfather, now … more

Friendship changes when man finds a new job

DEAR ABBY - I thought I had a best friend. We got to know each other when we worked together for almost four years. He's straight, I'm gay and we're total opposites. However, he taught me how to fish and took me shooting at his family's ranch; we … more

Parents cancel holiday dinners when kids won't bury hatchet

DEAR ABBY — The holiday season is here, with the traditional family dinner get-togethers. Our problem is, our two children (ages 27 and 29) don't like each other and rarely have contact … more

Slipping grades make teen question planned career path

DEAR ABBY — I'm 17 and don't know what I want to do with my life. When I was younger, I was sure I wanted to go into the field of law. It was something my parents also wanted me to do. I … more

Mom thinks teen is missing out by dating over phone

DEAR ABBY - I am a 17-year-old girl who has been in a long-distance relationship for two years. We're still in high school and actively involved in sports and extracurricular activities. During the fall months I cheer, and in the winter months he … more

Mother-in-law asks for modesty while breastfeeding

DEAR ABBY - My daughter-in-law insists on not covering my granddaughter while she's breastfeeding in public and allows the baby to nurse with her breast partially exposed (although the nipple is not visible). I'm concerned this may have affected my … more

Mom insists on keeping tabs on married son via app

DEAR ABBY - I have been married to my husband for five years. We live in the same town as my in-laws, and for the most part, we get along great. However, my mother-in-law does something that makes me uneasy. She uses an app to track my husband. She … more

Adult children fail to warm to stepdad of 8 years

DEAR ABBY - I was married for 19 years and have three adult daughters from that marriage. I remarried eight years ago to a woman who has two adult children. My relationship with them is not good, in spite of my efforts to engage them in basic … more

First international business trip raises culture questions

DEAR ABBY — I'm worried for my son. He's going on his first business trip in January — to Japan. He doesn't drink alcohol. (He's not an alcoholic; it's his personal choice.) His … more
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