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Great glazed chicken is possible, thanks to a beer can

Most glazed roast chicken recipes offer some variation on these instructions: Roast a chicken as you would normally, painting on a sweet glaze 15 to 30 minutes before the bird is done. It sounds simple, but following … more

Yukon Gold potatoes perfect for this gratin

Potato gratin is a notoriously heavy side dish, laden with cream and gooey cheese. We wanted to shift the focus of this classic side dish to the potatoes. We chose Yukon Gold potatoes for their rich flavor and … more

Transform homey gingerbread into stately layer cake

Good gingerbread is dark and moist, with an intriguing hint of bitterness and a peppery finish. Usually it's a rustic square cake or maybe even an attractive Bundt, but it's never quite sophisticated enough to serve as … more

Tonight make crisp, piping hot tidbits of mixed fried seafood

Mixed fried seafood - or fritto misto di mare - can be found throughout Italy; however, the most iconic and evocative incarnation hails from Campania. Indeed, it's easy to imagine sitting in a Neapolitan trattoria eating … more

Invite your kids to help make this chocolate sheet cake

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN This chocolate sheet cake requires that you use Dutch-processed cocoa powder. What exactly is that? A process called Dutching, which was invented in the 19th century by a Dutch chemist and chocolatier named Coenraad Van … more

For a classic rendition of chicken soup, go for the thighs

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN This classic rendition of chicken soup starts the old-fashioned way, by making a from-scratch broth. But instead of using a whole chicken we turned to meaty chicken thighs, which kept things easier; they also added … more

Go ahead, eat Monkey Bread with your hands

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN Monkey bread is a knotty-looking loaf of sweet bread made from balls of dough coated with cinnamon, sugar and melted butter. It's traditionally served warm so that the sticky baked pieces can be pulled apart. The name … more

A tender, fluffy alternative to dinner rolls

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN Good honey-wheat dinner rolls have the softness of white rolls, with satisfying heft and a nutty whole-wheat flavor that's complemented by a touch of floral sweetness. That said, these appealing rolls rarely hit the … more

Chipotle Pork and Hominy Stew is full of flavor

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN Also known as posole, this fragrant and spicy New Mexican stew combines toothsome hominy and tender chunks of pork in a mildly spicy, verdant base. We wanted to use the multicooker to make a streamlined version that … more

Apple crisp gets boost from tart cranberries

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN Although it's hard to imagine that apple crisp needs much improvement, we liked the tartness and texture that cranberries added to one of our favorite standard dessert recipes. The challenges were balancing the fruit … more

This Bundt cake demands a spot in your next brunch spread

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN Delivering bright apple flavor and a temptingly moist crumb, this simple yet stunning Bundt cake demands a prominent place in your brunch spread. We maximized this cake's apple taste by shredding 1 1/2 pounds of tart … more

Give punch a try

Family Features If you are looking to host an unforgettable holiday cocktail party, punch can make a memorable impression on your guests and bring your get-together to the next level. Punch reached the height of its popularity during the … more

Bacon French Toast Bake is a crowd-pleaser

Family Features The holiday season is full of opportunities to eat, drink and gather around the table with the ones you love. Whether it's a family dinner, office potluck or neighborhood brunch, good food is a cornerstone of nearly every great … more

Cooking, glazing a moist, cured ham? It's in the bag

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN Heating and glazing a cured ham seems effortless, but many recipes yield leathery meat in an overly sweet glaze. We wanted to guarantee moist meat in a nuanced glaze. Bone-in hams, labeled "with natural juices," have … more

A recipe for rolls as good as any from a European bakery

European-style dinner rolls are different from their rich, tender American cousins. The dough for these rustic rolls is lean and the crumb is open, with a yeasty, savory flavor. But the best part might be their crust - … more

Foolproof French toast recipe yields crisp slices

This foolproof French toast recipe guarantees crisp, custardy slices by keeping things simple. Stale bread is standard, but we got better (and more efficient) results from oven-dried slices. For the batter, we beat … more

Add mushrooms to cornbread stuffing

So, what do you say, dressing or stuffing? Technically, it's dressing if it's cooked in a pan and stuffing if it's cooked inside the bird. However, which word you choose seems to have more to do with where you come from: Midwestern or Southern … more

Baked Brie reinvented in a cast-iron skillet

Baked Brie topped with jam or fruit is popular for good reason. When the cheese is warmed, it becomes rich and gooey, and pairing it with sweet fruit brings out the savory notes in the cheese. For sweet and creamy … more

Nut tart is surprisingly easy to prepare

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN This elegant nut tart is surprisingly easy to prepare, thanks to the very simple filling. For the filling, we used a pecan pie base but swapped in walnuts, reduced the amount of sugar and added a hefty amount of vanilla … more

This season, try pumpkin jelly roll cake

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN Perhaps the most famous holiday cake is the Yule Log, which, for good reason, gets trotted out every holiday season. There's much to be said for this classic, but we wanted to develop a unique variation for the holidays … more
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